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Before you start: You can get used trekking equipment and new fake brand-name rucksacks, duffel bags, jackets and clothing in Kathmandu. These will probably last through a trek or two, but are not a good long-term investment. If you have a day to shop in Kathmandu, you can easily equip yourself for a trek, but most people prefer to have everything packed and ready beforehand. On this page we offer our own suggestions for quality equipment.

Mountain Hardwear Logo We use and recommend the excellent gear made by Mountain Hardwear. The following list details the equipment we recommend you bring on your trek. In affiliation with we offer on-line purchasing from one of the web's most complete on-line outdoor equipment shops.

The EssentialsTreks above 3000 meters (10,000 feet)Below 3000 meters
Sleeping Bag

Down Sleeping BagDown Sleeping Bag
You'll probably want a high quality down bag like this one from Mountain Hardwear
Fibrefill Sleeping BagFibrefill Sleeping Bag
A fibrefill bag will be warm enough except in late December and January
Insulated jacketJacket - HeavyJacket - Heavy
It's cold up there; be sure you have a warm insulated jacket
Jacket - LightJacket - Light
If you're not going high, a lighter jacket will be enough. You won't need one in April and May
Fleece jacket

Fleece Jacket - LightFleece Jacket - Light
Fleece is light and stays warm even when wet.
Fleece Jacket - WindstopFleece Jacket - Windstop
Try a windproof version
Duffel BagDuffel BagDuffel Bag
If you are traveling with porters, you'll need a strong, waterproof duffel bag for your gear.
If you have a porter you'll need only a daypack
Large PackLarge Pack
If you're carrying all your gear, you'll need a larger pack

Extra equipment

Water BottleWater BottleWater Bottle
Don't forget this. Forget all the complicated stuff, buy a good Nalgene bottle that does not leak and you can take it to bed as a hot water bottle.
Flashlight or TorchTorchTorch
A small hand-carry flashlight is a good choice. Be sure to put a string on it so you don't drop it.
Though many people prefer a headlamp - which is easier to use when you are reading and bed (and you don't risk dropping it into the toilet!).
Walking shoesTrekking shoes - highTrekking shoes - high
High top shoes provide ankle support
Trekking Shoes - lowTrekking Shoes - low
But many people prefer lighter, low-top shoes.
Bootsboots - mensboots - mens
Boots are a better choice if you are going to high altitudes
boots - womensboots - womens
Here is the women's version
Gore Tex ParkaParka - menParka - men
It's expensive, but Gore Tex keeps you dry
Women's Jacket
Parka - womenParka - women
Less expensive rainwearRain jacketRain jacket PonchoPoncho
Or use a poncho, which is cooler in hot weather
Sunglasses or gogglesSunglasses or GogglesSunglasses or Goggles
Get a pair with side shields like these
Shorts, Shirts and hats
Check the selection for men

And women
Pocket KnifePocket knifePocket knife
Preferably with scissors
Sandals for Camp wearTevasTevas
Walking Stick
A single walking stick
Pair of PolesPair of Poles
Or a pair of poles
Navigation Aids AltimeterAltimeter
Or an inexpensive GPS

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